Uber’s trucking goal halt by the lawsuit of Waymo..!

Uber start a new service after the stream of crises faces in the last month. It has launched an app to allow the shippers and truckers to arrange the freight transportation using their mobile in a single tap. By this service, we can avoid many calls and wait time for the loads to haul. The main focus of the company is to push the company forward and the levels of the playing fields for trucking companies.

The company promised that they will send the confirmation within second whether the load is ready and reduce the worry about trucking. The giant ride-hailing have planned to disrupt freight hauling by offering the complete packages of the trucking technologies and also include the self-driving truck facility by the smartphone-based logistics.

Focus on the driver’s pain point

In the private trucking company, the drivers have to wait for payment nearly thirty days or more than that. Sometimes the drivers have waited for more than ten hours for the load without the compensation. The Uber Freight is committed to paying within few days for every single load. They will pay for the waiting time when the things do not go as planned or drivers need to wait for in an unexpected way. 

The Uber Spokesperson says that they basically believe that by focusing on driver’s pain point they can solve the industry’s biggest problem. The United States truck drivers haul fourteen billion tons of containers for every year. The essential goal of the company is to improve the company with the starting drivers. Happy driver means happy shipper and everyone will get benefits including the consumer of the goods.

They have built a team of industry experts, top technologies and of course with the drivers to push the company forward and they are going to play in the field of the trucking.  Uber started as a simple idea of pressing a button and get a ride through the mobile phones. After six years and more than the two billion trips from the beginning of the company, now the company has grown into the largest global ride-sharing network call taxi software and expanded their company into the new branch.

The base thing for the drivers is that they will immediately or within seven days or if the days get extended than the surge price will be added with the interest to the drivers. While announcing the app Uber said in a blog spot that when the private trucking companies get to paid there have to wait for thirty days or more than that possible to sink a small business.

Acquiring Otto

Uber Freight app is now available for download in the United States on Android and IOS device of charge free. Otto was a self-driving truck company acquired by the Uber in the last year for six hundred eighty million dollars. Recently, the testing of the autonomous technology has slowed and the testing teams are deployed to the Uber trucking service, uber like app Download, according to the state transportation agencies and the Uber officials. To find the truck for the service, they also use the call centers and load boards. 

In the previous month, Uber at the series of the claim internal damage in the management struggles related to its hard-charging culture, a lawsuit of the drivers to their riders and business practice. Uber’s chief Executive Officer Travis Kalanick announced that he takes leave for one week and the second Executive Officer Emil Michael has left the company and also one of the board members David Borderman resigned.


Hopeful start of Freight service

Uber executives say that the company’s effort in the trucking is moving forward with full energy. The director of the Uber freight operation, Bill Driegret the business is shipping the ‘large brand names’ and they have the solid core of the drivers sign up the app and using it regularly. They are in it for the long-term and they think they can make the difference. He acknowledged that the Uber Freight and the self-driving truck initiatives are in the different track with no complement to collapse each other and full service anytime soon. Otto doesn’t yet have a commercial product to buy for the consumers.   

After the Uber acquired the Otto, the co-founder Lior Ron told in the last year September that he expected the truckers would be using the firm’s driverless technology to haul the freight by 2017, as part of the trucking service under the Uber manner. Now lumps up the business into the advanced technologies and a unit work on the self-driving technologies and mapping.

Though there were critical planning requires delivering the cargo rather than the pick and drop of people from home to bar. The finance for the stake is too high. Goods can spoil due to the environment condition or some other unexpected situation. Meanwhile, the fleet manager may chance to lose the money if the goods don’t deliver on time.

Facing the rivals in the trucking service

Uber must prove that they have the same capability as any broker as doing for this year. This statement was given by the Thom Albrecht president of the Sword and Sea transport advisor, a Virginia-based consulting firm. Hope that the ride-service giants can Uberize the other transport business has impelled the firm to sixty-eight million dollars valuation, in spite of its lack of profits. When compare the last year fourth quarter nine hundred ninety-one million dollars to the first quarter of this year it gets reduced to seven hundred million dollars. Uber is under the pressure that to back of the public shares and the investors including Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund and Fidelity investment are waiting for a big payoff.

Uber has faced the struggles to dominate the other market like ride-hailing service with Rise of Uber for x Apps. For instance, the food and package delivery service of UberEATS and UberRUSH aren’t a major player in this line.  Uber’s trucking operational are achievable and it continues in both the service of the Uber Freight and autonomous truck division. They both are different and independent business and they will charge forward at one hundred miles per hour.

Otto’s future depends on a lawsuit filed on February by Alphabet’s self-driving car unit Waymo, its parent company Google against the Uber and Otto.  In the lawsuit claims that co-founder of the Otto and the former Waymo employee Anthony stolen more than fourteen thousand documents containing Waymo trade secret before start the Otto.

Assets of Otto

When the Uber acquired the Otto, the most important asset was Anthony who is founded as one of the experts in the self-driving car in the Silicon Valley. Then he sonly named as the head of the Advanced Technologies group and reported to Travis Kalanick. Unfortunately, Anthony was fired by Uber in the last month, unless he refused to turn over the Waymo documents, which have been requested by the federal judges after overseeing the cases.

Being a giant in the ride-service based in the San Francisco, facing lots of crises in this year. However, they keep on moving forward their business to the next level. The report in the Fortune that there was no power pack improvement in the Uber’s trucking service because of the lawsuit claims by Waymo, self- driving car unit of Alphabets.